Element Downtown Asheville

If you’re considering staying in downtown Asheville, you’ll want to look at Element Hotel, and IHG property. There’s so much to love about this hotel; an indoor pool, complimentary breakfast and socials, complimentary bike rentals, all rooms have a kitchen or kithchenette, and it’s one of the most dog-friendly hotels in the area as well as one of the most affordable.

10 Things to do in Asheville, NC

by Christy Evers Asheville is a widely diverse city. It has everything from historic roots to a modern art scene, spots to kick back and relax, listen to music or go on a thrilling adventure. Asheville is gaining more and more awards and quickly earning a spot as one of the best food cities inContinue reading “10 Things to do in Asheville, NC”

Cambria Downtown Asheville

Where to stay, shop and dine By Christy Evers Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking to stay at Cambria, downtown Asheville. Cambria has a great location if you want to be in the heart of downtown Asheville activity. Before we go into the hotel let’s check out what’s in the surrounding area.Continue reading “Cambria Downtown Asheville”

Hemingway’s Cuba

Cambria Downtown Asheville, Onsite Restaurant & Bar Hemingway’s Cuba Restaurant is the Crowning Glory of Cambria downtown, Asheville, NC. In the heart of downtown it boasts one of the best rooftop views of the mountains with the perfect background for sunset chasers. Enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine and creative cocktails. Reservations aren’t required but are recommended.Continue reading “Hemingway’s Cuba”

Plan The Perfect Trip to Biltmore

10 Tips to Planning Your Trip to Biltmore Estate by Christy Evers Are you wondering how to plan the perfect trip to Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC? Look no farther. Once you’ve watched this video and download my free planner, you’ll be ready to plan like a pro! 1. Allow at least one or twoContinue reading “Plan The Perfect Trip to Biltmore”

Plan The Perfect Trip To Biltmore Estate

by Christy Evers Where to stay when visiting Biltmore Estate If you follow me on any social media, you already know that am a Biltmore and Asheville fanatic!  I get excited to tell people about all the great things to do, and where to stay, but today I’m doing something different. Today I’m addressing aContinue reading “Plan The Perfect Trip To Biltmore Estate”

5 Things to Know Before you Go to Asheville!

Downtown Asheville, edition Christy Evers, 5/27/21 How do you say good-by when you weren’t planning to fall in love? When I first stepped foot in Downtown Asheville in 2019, I had no idea the impact it would have on me. Yes, I had heard about it, drove past it and even did some of theContinue reading “5 Things to Know Before you Go to Asheville!”