Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn

Advertisements This Hotel Has a Feature that NO Other Hotel in Asheville Offers! Downtown Asheville, NC By Christy Evers If you’re planning a visit to the vibrant city of Asheville and seeking accommodation in downtown, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll take you on a virtual tour of the Hilton…

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Nothing’s Better Than Mom’s Deviled Eggs, But You Should Still Explore the World Just to Make Sure!

Advertisements My mom makes the most tangy, mustard-y, deliciousness of deviled eggs. Not too much devil, not too little egg. She doesn’t have a recipe. She adds seasoning as our ancestors speak to her and it’s always pure bliss. I pity anyone who attempts to eat one of moms eggs before me! Despite the perpetual…

White Bread, Bologna, Colby Cheese with a Side of Chips

Advertisements It’s the late 70’s, maybe early 80’s. I’m with my best friend, Melissa, we’re in her basement either watching the Incredible hulk, or the Dukes of Hazard. It doesn’t matter what we’re watching, the one thing that is constant in the bologna sandwich on white bread with colby cheese and a side of chips….

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Edith Vanderbilt

Advertisements An Iconic Woman of Grace, Kindness & Power At first I wasn’t going to answer today’s writing prompt, however, as I thought about it I got excited at the opportunity to lift up a woman I greatly admire and feel is unjustly overlooked in the shadows of her husband and the patriarchal eyes of…

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A Plane Ticket in One Hand & a Suitcase in the Other!

Advertisements I truly hope, with all that is in my wandering-loving, little heart, that I never retire. My dream is to keep doing more of what I’m doing now, which is traveling and sharing the world with people by offering travel information, tip, hacks deals and reviews. I actually want to add more to my…

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Daily Writing Prompt: What Are You Passionate About?

Advertisements From the niche of my travel blog, it’ll come as no surprise that my answer to this daily writing prompt is, “Travel” Travel has been a passion of mine since I was young. I remember being in grade school and falling in love with the French language so much that I saved quarters and…