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Happily 4 Evers After is dedicated to helping you enjoy a holistic approach to enjoying life through activity, meditation, nature and relationships.

Meditation & Yoga for Everyone!

We offer a variety of ways to get Happily Meditated! Through Activities, Trips, Workshops, Groups, and Personalized Meditations, There is Something For Everyone!

Retreats & Workshops

Dive Deeper into Your Meditation Practice

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Meditation & Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Certified Yoga or Meditation Teacher or Facilitator

Personalized Meditation for Individuals or Groups

Personalize Your Meditations to Specific Goals & Intentions for Individuals or Groups.

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Meditate & Create

Dive Deeper into Your Meditation Practice

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Meditation & Yoga Courses

Expand Your Knowledge and Skills

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Forest Bathing Mini Retreat at Serenity Farm

Put the everyday behind you and immerse yourself in the peaceful serenity of nature. Join us to experience the simple pleasure of bathing your senses in Earth’s elements and peacefully experiencing ancient natural wellness remedies. Leave feeling invigorated, recharged and renewed from this positive, nature-filled, meditative experience.

Forest bathing has become a vital part of preventative healthcare in Japan.

1) Boosts Immune System

2) Improves mental health

3) Balances energy/ Increases energy during the day and helps you sleep better at night

Saturday, April 2nd


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What People Say

“I really enjoyed Christy’s Doodle meditation. I especially enjoyed linking the breathing with the drawing. While I watched and practiced with Christy’s video, I caught my young son following along doing his own relaxation drawing. Just wanted to share my gratitude. Thank you!” ~ Karen G.

“I highly recommend Christy as a meditation guide! I have experienced a few of her meditations and they are so unique and honestly so much fun! I have learned a lot about myself and feel this insane connection to the spirit world, when she leads. She is gentle, relaxed, nonjudgemental, willing to try new things, open-minded, and so humble – all of the qualities of a great guide!” ~Erin E.


Dissolve the mind clutter and get in touch with who you truly are. Our in person or online retreats, workshops, personalized sessions and groups are designed to help you achieve the peace that you seek.

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