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How Can I Do More?

By Christy Evers

Daily writing prompt
What could you do more of?
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If you’re familiar with me, my blog, or my YouTube channel, you’ve probably already guessed my response to this daily writing prompt. I could use more time to travel and more time to explore when I get a chance to visit a new city. My answer allows us to do-si-do deeper into a universal challenge that many of us face: how to make the most of limited time when you’re a self-employed parent with a packed schedule. In my case, as a mother of three juggling the demands of both work and family life, finding moments to explore new destinations can be quite a feat. Yet, whenever I manage to embark on an adventure, I’m determined to soak up every experience, savor every bite, and forge genuine connections with locals to truly absorb the essence of the place.

This pursuit of optimizing travel opportunities has become a defining aspect of my life. I’ve even dedicated some of my travel content, such as the video 10 Tips for Planning a Trip to Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, to offer insights on how to maximize your experience in just two short days.

As I write this, I’m in the midst of preparing for the Travel Blogging Summit Nashville 2023, which is set to unfold this upcoming weekend. The summit is nestled in the heart of Downtown Nashville, a city I’ve yet to explore, despite it being a mere 7-hour drive from my home.

But, attending the conference isn’t just about professional development for me; it’s an opportunity to seize every available moment for exploration. I’m challenged to see, do, taste, and document as much as possible within a tight schedule. I know that the information, images, and videos I gather during my journey will be invaluable for my viewers, who, like me, yearn to make the most of their limited time.

Over the course of four nights and five days, my schedule will be jam-packed with conference sessions, starting early in the morning and running until around 5:30 in the evening. This leaves me with the precious night hours to venture into the unknown. Fortunately, Nashville’s vibrant nightlife promises an exciting experience that seems to rev up as the sun goes down.

Now, I turn to you, my fellow travelers and Nashville enthusiasts, for your insights and recommendations. If you’re familiar with downtown Nashville, please share your top tips on where to go, what to savor, and what to explore after 5:30 PM. What are your absolute “Must-Sees” for someone like me, a Nashville newbie with limited time? How can I squeeze every ounce of adventure out of this opportunity? Your advice will not only enrich my journey but also serve as a wellspring of inspiration for others seeking to make the most of their own limited travel windows.

How can I do more?

Or, is there a specific topic you’d like me to create a post about that stems from my trip to Nashville. Put in you request for the things you’d like for me to explore and share with you in the near future.

Let’s embark on this exploration together!


Christy Evers

Travel isn’t meant to be an escape from life, but rather a way to integrate with it more fully.

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  1. I found Nashville super busy and loud, which is interesting for a while…and then I want something quieter. I spent more time in nearby Franklin – still kinda busy when I was there, but quieter, more quaint.

    My wife and I did enjoy the food from Pancake Pantry. We stopped there for brunch. It was delicious! And, it was a few blocks from the loudest areas of Nashville, so that was a plus (for us) too!

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