What is the Ideal “Home” for a Travel Lover?

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By Christy Evers

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What does your ideal home look like?

As a travel lover, it’s difficult to answer this question, “What does your ideal home look like?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my current home and any home I’ve had over my lifetime. I’m thankful for what I have and had. Yet, I must admit that I’ve never felt “homesick” when I’ve gone away. Why? Because “home” to me doesn’t fit the typical definition or standard of what “home” should be.

Oddly enough, I tend to feel more at home when I’m traveling. I can’t help it. I feel most comfortable, most me, most alive when I’m visiting different places.

For me, an ideal home isn’t simply one place. My ideal home would be multiple small homes, flats and villas scattered through out the world. Places for me to hang my hat when I visit, and rent out to other travelers when I’m elsewhere.

A flat in Paris that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. A high rise apartment in NYC. A quaint villa tucked away in the hills of Italy. A bungalow in the Caribbean. The list goes on and on. I’d have a place in every city around the world if I could. Heck, I could even see myself as a permanent cruise ship resident. I long for a variety of places to call home when I’m there and a places to give affordable lodging to other travelers when I’m not.

Home is a place where I can feel comfortable and at peace yet not tied down and restricted. It’s also a place where I can offer comforting shelter to others.

That is my ideal “home”

What about you?

What does your ideal home look like? Are you a wanderer like me or would you like something more flashy or conventional?

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