The Great Hide & Seek

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Come on . . . you know you worry about it too!

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Picture this: You’re lounging on a sandy beach, sipping a colorful cocktail, and soaking up the sun’s warm rays. Life is blissful… until it hits you. The realization that your valuable possessions are back at the hotel room, completely exposed to potential thieves. Or, maybe they’re sitting right next to you but you’re afraid to take a dip for fear that someone will steal your stuff, things and goodies. Maybe even drain your bank account! What if they steal your passport and all your money and you can’t get back home? Suddenly, your carefree vacation turns into an intense game of hide and seek as you scramble to protect your valuables. Join me on this adventure as we delve into one of the biggest travel concerns common to us all: hiding our treasures and necessities while traveling.

Bonus! I’ll share with you 5 clever hacks to conceal your treasures in plain sight!

The Art of Secret Stashes: Hiding valuables has become a full-fledged art form for me. Forget Van Gogh and Picasso; I’m the da Vinci of secret hiding spots! From using empty sunscreen bottles to stash cash to transforming underwear into a secret pocket, my creativity knows no bounds. Who knew my future legacy would be a trail of hidden treasures across the globe? Fear not! You don’t have to scrub out an old bottle of sunscreen to be stealthy. You can acquire the perfect bottle of deception on Amazon, here!

The Power of Disguise: Have you ever seen a pair of socks that could be mistaken for a Rolls Royce? Well, I have! My mission to keep valuables safe has led me to create ingenious disguises that even James Bond would envy. Just imagine me strolling through airport security with a water bottle that doubles as a secret compartment for my passport. Cue the dramatic music! Get your secret spy water bottle here!

Chronicles of the Combination: In my quest to outsmart potential thieves, I’ve developed an unsettling level of distrust for everyday objects. Suitcases, toiletry bags, and even an innocent-looking book has all fallen under my skeptical gaze. I mean, who can blame me? You never know when that classic novel might be harboring secret jewels. Hehehehehehe . . . I’m one of those sneaky book lovers. Get your sneaky, safe book here!

Paranoia Takes the Wheel: If you ever happen to spot me on a bus, train, or even a camel in the middle of the desert, you’ll quickly realize that I am the epitome of paranoia. No seat is comfortable enough to make me forget my belongings. I find myself inventing creative ways to stay alert, like chewing gum or waving around Kleenex as I simultaneously hold my suitcase and dance to salsa music. But what if the gum and tissue pack were nothing more than a clever diversion? Saliva and mucus has never been so sexy as these compact secret compartments!

The Dreaded Airport Hair: Ah, the dreaded airport hair, where every strand is a battle between a great travel selfie or becoming the joke of an embarassing viral meme. My travel companions often mistake the love of my hairbrush as a vanity crutch, but little do they know, I’m just keeping potential thieves on their toes! If only I could win a gold medal in the “Conceal, Carry & Brush” category, my life would be complete. I mean, who wants to steal a spiky stick with my greasy strands of hair all over it. EWWWW! They’d never guess what’s inside! Get your stealthy hairbrush here!

While it might seem a bit ridiculous to obsess over hiding valuables during travels, the truth is, we’ve all been there, or you will one day when you travel. It’s a universal concern and can be a huge and potentially catastrophic deal if you’re not careful. I’ve learned to embrace the adventure. Sure, it adds a touch of paranoia to my vacation, but it also allows me to exercise my creativity and keep my wits sharp. It also scratches my itch to be a spy! So, here’s to all my fellow undercover agents out there, who turn their vacations into hilarious hide-and-seek expeditions. Remember, life’s too short to worry too much—just don’t forget where you hid your treasures! Happy travels and keep those valuables safe!

Christy Evers

Life is an adventure. Don’t make it more serious than it has to be. Be kind to yourself and others and enjoy the journey. It’s a short ride.

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I am a mom of three, a Travel Professional and certified meditation teacher. I have a passion for travel and want to help others see the world and enjoy their lives to the fullest while I do the same.

6 thoughts on “The Great Hide & Seek

  1. Great hacks I’m glad you shared it with us! Have a blessed 4th of July love and light 🥰

    1. First, It’s impossible to go anywhere, even in your own home town, without cash and/or credit cards.

      2nd. 💯 of the time I’ve had things stolen , it’s been from my own home. If I had safe guarded my items with these products as well as I do when traveling, I would have had less stolen.

      3rd, just because you travel doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate where you are.

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