A Plane Ticket in One Hand & a Suitcase in the Other!

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How do you want to retire?

I truly hope, with all that is in my wandering-loving, little heart, that I never retire. My dream is to keep doing more of what I’m doing now, which is traveling and sharing the world with people by offering travel information, tip, hacks deals and reviews.

I actually want to add more to my line of work rather than retiring from it. Another of my passions is leading meditations. As I reach retirement age, I hope to combine my love of travel and meditation by hosting meditation retreats around the world. Who wants to come with me?

Christy Evers

Travel is not an escape from life. Rather, it is a means to more fully integrate with life and more fully live. You only get one. It’s short. Be kind and enjoy the ride.

Published by Christy Evers

I am a mom of three, a Travel Professional and certified meditation teacher. I have a passion for travel and want to help others see the world and enjoy their lives to the fullest while I do the same.

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