The Day I was Indiana Jones

Daily writing prompt
Describe one of your favorite moments.

Well . . . it’s the closest I felt to being like Indiana Jones, anyway.

What does a 9 year old girl at the movies and a 40 year old mom of 3 have in common? The 9 year old girl started the dream. The 40 year old woman made the dream happen!

Today’s writing prompt, “Describe one of your favorite moments,” takes me back to both a small town movie theater in 1980’s Washington, IL and then fast forward 31 years later to a journey into the rain forests of Costa Rica.

Picture a 9 year old girl with a blond pony tail in the 80’s, the scent of freshly popped popcorn coming from a buttery bucket in one hand and slurping a cold coke with the other. She’s watching Indian Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time, a ground breaking film for the era. It was one of the first of its kind to pack in so much suspense, action, humor and a strong leading female character.

I was that 9 year old girl. A wide-eyed and hopeful child devouring the kernels of discovery, adventure, and courage that popped off the screen and drank in the fizzy-cool refreshment of cheeky humor as that nourishment become one with the very essence of my inner being. I WANTED to be all that!

I wanted adventure.


Travel to foreign lands.

The thrill of new cultures.

Hiking through jungles.

I wanted to be Indiana Jones. Even as I grew to the age of Facebook memes and prompts that asked, “what did you want to be when you grew up?” The answer has been and is still immediate. No thinking required. The answer is always and emphatically, “Indiana Jones!” It was one of the many moments that fueled my desire to travel the world and discover its wonders. This, however, is not the favorite moment that this blog post is about. This is merely the catalyst of the itch that was not able to be scratched until 31 years later . . .

Fast forward to the picture a 40 year old me, a mom of 3 young ones. A life of wrestling the wild savages and cooking dinner as I donned a fashion style made up of I-give-up yoga pants, no make up and a messy bun. While I’m happy to be a mother and it’s an adventure in its own right (motherhood can aptly be likened to Indiana Jones attempt to outrun the boulder in that infamous scene . . .) it did lack the freedom, excitement, exploration and travel inherent to my original dream. One I still longed for.

For my 40th birthday I wanted adventure! So, the hubby and I packed up the kids to go to stay with Grandma and Grandpa and we packed our bags for a fun-filled trip to Costa Rica, a trip of a lifetime that most definitely scratched my itch for adventure! We zip-lined and rode an ATV through the rain forest, hiked to waterfalls and a volcano, went sailing and snorkeling, watched howler monkeys swing in the trees right above our heads. We ate the sweetest, freshest and juiciest fruit I’ve ever tasted! It was a dream come true. There was one adventure, however, that stood out above the rest. Canyoning and waterfall rappelling through the rain forest is, by far, my favorite and most cherished moment of them all.

Butterflies tickled me to the core from the moment I sat in the transport van, geared up, and hiked through the rain forest to our first of many waterfalls. I was the first to volunteer to rappel down. My inner 9 year old insisted!

The above picture is from that first waterfall rappelling experience. It’s my favorite picture of myself because not only does it embody the adventure, travel, courage and freedom that continues to inspire and drive me but also because that smile is probably the most genuinely happy smile of mine that has ever been caught on camera. It was a moment in time when all worries and cares were put on the back burner and I was 100% happy with no other thought or care weaseling its way in to distract me. If pure happiness had a poster child, it would be me in this picture.

I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

The adrenaline





Integrating with nature

Surrounded and immersed in lush, natural beauty, becoming one with the waterfalls

That merge of energy, nourished the seeds of hopes and dreams drying up from age and the monotony of every-day life.

Even to this day as I’m writing this prompt, the above picture remains the cover photo on my personal Facebook profile. It’s a memory so precious and cherished, a time I never want to forget.

Although I wasn’t Indian Jones that day I did get to embody the spirit that the movie planted in my heart. I got to become someone better. I became Costa Rica Christy that day, which is greater, because I wasn’t pretending or longing to be someone else. It was fully me, in the moment, living a dream, loving life and proving that age doesn’t mean dreams have to die. Older you can give the gift of realized dreams to your younger self. Don’t let age hold you back. Keep going, keep living, keep dreaming, keep traveling. You only get one life. It’s short. Be kind and enjoy the ride.

What is a dream that you can give your younger self? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments.

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