Daily Writing Prompt: What Are You Passionate About?

Daily writing prompt
What are you passionate about?

From the niche of my travel blog, it’ll come as no surprise that my answer to this daily writing prompt is, “Travel”

Travel has been a passion of mine since I was young. I remember being in grade school and falling in love with the French language so much that I saved quarters and pennies in a jar to fund a trip to France then bought an English to French dictionary so I could teach myself the language. LOL! It turns out that seven year olds aren’t intuitively equipped to nail a foreign language with nothing other than desire and a dictionary. I think my favorite phrase that I came up with was, “Oh, la la, Il es frais” which was supposed to translate, “He’s so cool” LOL! My apologies to French speakers everywhere. I was a well-meaning kid.

In High School I redeemed the slaughtering of the language from my youth and took French from a proper teacher. I also had the opportunity to travel to France for a month with my French Class. It was the trip of a lifetime and solidified my love for the country and nurtured my over-all love for travel. When other teens in the 80’s were glued to MTv, I was watching the Travel Channel.

After High School I went to study Travel and Tourism and worked for industry giants such as Hyatt Regency, Funjet Vacations and Expedia Cruise Ship Centers. Today I run a Travel Agency from my home.

After I married and took a bit of a break raising my children, travel remained an constant in my life yet took a more meaningful turn. Travel wasn’t just something I enjoyed. It became a life-line. In times of sadness, travel brought me joy. When I felt hopeless, travel reminded me there’s so much more to this life than my problems and that those problems are temporary. When I wanted to stay home with my children and still earn a living, starting a travel agency from my home gave me that ability. Travel has given me a way to bond with family, friends and children while expanding my opinions and perspectives. Solo travel has given me courage and self-empowerment. Travel has been a teacher, comforter, healer and friend. This is why I am passionate about it and have made it my life work to share with others. Travel isn’t about escaping life. Instead, travel is a means to more fully and enjoyably live. You only get one life. It’s short. Be kind and enjoy the ride.

Christy Evers

Published by Christy Evers

I am a mom of three, a Travel Professional and certified meditation teacher. I have a passion for travel and want to help others see the world and enjoy their lives to the fullest while I do the same.

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