10 Things to do in Asheville, NC

by Christy Evers

Asheville is a widely diverse city. It has everything from historic roots to a modern art scene, spots to kick back and relax, listen to music or go on a thrilling adventure. Asheville is gaining more and more awards and quickly earning a spot as one of the best food cities in America. There is so much to do and see in Asheville and this video is a brief overview of 10 different types of activities and tours that you can enjoy. I have already created some video’s that you can watch and will continue to create more that dive into the details and specifics of some of these tours, but today, we’re focusing on a general overview.

Some of these categories overlap, however the ones that had especially unique characteristics or a multitude of options, were given their own category.

Let’s get moving!

1)  Walking tours.

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There are multiple types of walking tours from downtown city tours, walking tours of the River Arts District, museums, gardens, waterfalls and historic places.  They even have specialized walking tours, like:

Haunted ghost tours

Literary tours

Brewery tours

Coffee shop tours

Historic music scene walking tours

There’s something for all interests

They even have scavenger hunts, which is a fun, creative and interactive way to experience the gems of the city.

2)  Biking

If motoring around on wheels is more your speed, you’re in luck!  There are multiple ways to explore Asheville on wheels from biking and segway tours to jeeps and ATV’s. You can take a tour of the city, chase sunsets in the mountains or even participate in bike pub crawls. Check out different kinds of biking tours here.

#3 Waterfall tours

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The surrounding area of Asheville is home to over 250 waterfalls and is aptly called the Land of Waterfalls. You can see these beautiful works of nature by hiking, biking, running, or driving. Explore on your own or participate in guided group or private tours.

They have specialty tours for sunset or sunrise seekers

And Specialty photography tours.

Check out different types of waterfall tours here.

#4 Classes & Workshops

Asheville is an active city to be experienced upfront and personal through classes & workshops.  Asheville isn’t simply about seeing. It’s about learning, doing, experiencing and being. Learn to forage for food in the forest, or take in the creative vibe of the city by making your own candles. Make pottery or jewelry, learn to blow glass, or have a private session with an artist.

Don’t simply come to Asheville to look. Come to experience, dive in, explore and learn a new skill. Become your best  you!  

Check out a list of different classes and workshops here.

#5 Historical tours

Established in the 1790’s Asheville sits on what was part of the Cherokee Nation, Asheville has a rich history to explore. Visit historical landmarks, discover the historical music and literary scene of the city.  Although ghost tours aren’t technically considered to be a historical tour, in my personal experience, I’ve  enjoyed learning the most interesting and entertaining stories based off of  every day life from years past from ghost tours, than I do from any other type of tour.  

Check out a list of different historical tours here.

#6  Food & Beverage Tours

Asheville has been dubbed as Beer City USA and is continually winning awards and accolades quickly  rising in the ranks and gaining a reputation  as one of the best food cities in the US. Taking a restaurant or brewery tours is a great way to sample the local flavor.  You can pedal your calories away on a pedal pub or They even have a floating pub crawl where you can float down the river and stop at local breweries along the way. But that’s not it! You can also take coffee, restaurant, food foraging and rooftop tours as well.

Check out a list of food and beverage tours here.

#7 Land Adventure/Outdoor

There’s no shortage of tour options for adventure seekers.  There are multiple ways to explore the city and mountains of Asheville. Go horseback riding or 4 wheel driving. Take a jeep tour, go zip lining and visit adventure centers.  Take a bus or trolley tour, explore gardens and nature parks and of course, hiking or biking to those beautiful waterfalls, mountains and national forests.

Check out a list of land adventures here.

#8 Water Adventures

Stay cool by exploring Asheville through their scenic waterways!

You can go white water rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing. Take a Fishing excursion or wet your taste buds with the floating pub crawl.

Check out a list of water adventures here.

9.   Air Adventures

Explore Asheville with a birds eye view from above in a helicopter or hot air balloon tours.

10. Relaxation/Wellness

man wearing black cap with eyes closed under cloudy sky
Photo by Kelvin Valerio on Pexels.com

If your in the mood for peace, calm relaxation and rest, they have tours for that too!

Do yoga on a mountain top or meditate in cool Moroccan style tea shops or outdoors.

Forest bathing, while long popular in other parts of the world, it’s a trend catching on in the US where you immerse your senses in a meditative nature experience.

You can visit the Arboretum or gardens.

There are also Bird watching tours or other artful or nature based activities.

Check out a list of wellness tours here.

There you have it, an overview of the 10 different types of ways you can see and enjoy when visiting Asheville. Links to some of these activities are included here for easy access. Some of these are affiliate links. If you appreciate the information that I’ve compiled for you, I’d appreciate your use of the affiliate links. There is no additional cost to an affiliate link. It simply lets them know that you heard about them from me and then they give me a small kickback. It’s the easiest way to support my blog by doing something you’d do anyway.

Now I’d like to hear form you.  What is your favorite type of tour? I’d love to know which of these activities interests you most. Please leave a comment and tell me which are your favorites. Have you done any? Which would you like to try but haven’t yet. Was there anything I missed that should be included in a future video or article?

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If you’re looking for a place to stay in Asheville, check out a list here!

Thanks for watching! Happy travels!

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