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Hey fellow travel lovers!

Today I’m sharing a budget friendly travel hack to show you have to get cash back on your travel purchases and even earn money as well. I’m not just talking earning money through gift cards or discounts. We’re talking real cash to go in either your bank account or PayPal, which ever you choose. You also can choose gift cards as well, the point is, you can choose how you receive your earnings. If you like gift cards, you can get gift cards, but you can choose money in your account if you’d rather use it to pay bills, use as fun money or even pay for your next vacation!

TopCashback is a super easy web-site that gives you cash back on your online purchases. There are over 4,000 retailers on TopCashback like Amazon.com, Walmart, Walgreens, even grocery stores and so much more, so you literally can earn cash back from online purchases that you would make anyway! Even better for travelers, you can earn cash back for your travel purchase all the way from hotel and house rentals, flights, car rentals & shuttle service, activities & excursions, even your luggage and accessories and more!!!! It’s a no brainer. I’m new to this web-site but I wish I had known about it earlier. It’s amazing and I’ve missed out on getting back so much money from not being part of this site sooner!

It’s completely free to sign-up and use and they are offering a special bonus right now when you sign up as a new user. Here’s the link in the description below. It’s important to use the link provided in the description box to be able to take part in this offer, so be sure to click the link below. When you click on the link I provided for you, you’ll be eligible for a $5 CASH BACK sign-up bonus after you spend $25 by going through the TopCashBack website. This is just for new users, so if you haven’t signed up yet, take a moment to click on the link below and you can follow along as I take you to the web-site to show you how to sign up, use, maximize and navigate the TopCashBack web-site as well as how to save money for you next trip, earn cash back on your travel planning and even how you can make some extra money along the way too.

I’m amazed with this site! You can literally get cash back from every part of your next vacation or trip planning from start to finish and everything in between.

I’ll show you all that, but first, if you’re new to my site, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Happily 4 Evers After is all about travel destinations, travel hacks, deals and reviews and I have a YouTube Channel that goes along with this blog. So if you’re into all that, you’re in the right place so be sure to hit the follow or subscribe button. If you find this information helpful, be sure to hit the like button too and leave a comment so I know you enjoyed it. I like to create content that my viewers like, so the like button helps me know what topics I should run with and which ones people aren’t that interested in.

This post and above video is sponsored by TopCashback, so thank you for choosing to work with me. I’m excited to share what you’re all about and how TopCashback helps us travel more for less by earning cash back, through online purchases that we’re already making anyway.

If you haven’t clicked on this link yet, go ahead now and give it a click so you can follow along with the above video above to go along with the transcript below:

First, remember to use this link so you can take advantage of the $5 TopCashback sign-up bonus that they’re currently running. If you don’t, you’ll be out of luck. No Cash back bonus for you! Follow directions! Once you’re on their site, enter your e-mail and choose a password. When it asks how you heard about them you can choose, online forum. Once you have your account, you authenticate your account with your e-mail. And your in! It’s that simple to sign up.

They have a start up guide and FAQ section if you’d like to learn more before you start purchasing and browsing.

You simply search, select, shop and you get cash back. It’s really that easy. Here, let me show you.

As I mentioned earlier, TopCashback has over 4,000 retailers, but since this is a travel channel, I’m going to focus on their travel section. As you can see over here from the drop down tab from the menu, click on “categories” you’ll see they have an entire section dedicated to travel.

Look at all they have!

I mean look at this! There’s booking sites that most of you are familiar with like Booking.com that gives you 7% cash back and Travelocity gives 7% cashback too. Hotels, even concert tickets! Look here, you can earn 5% by purchasing your concert and event tickets through Tickemaster! There’s car rentals, more hotels . . . lots of hotels, pretty much near every type I can think of practically.

And even here, they are offering cash back to sign up with Clear! Clear is pretty much like TSA precheck only they are privately owned. Clear expedites the document/identity screening process and TSA Precheck expedites the physical screening process. They are even giving cash back to give their 2 month free trial a go.

You can get cash back with Kayak.com. I use them all the time to find cheap flights. I did a video not long ago showing you how to navigate their system to find the cheapest flights possible. There’s VRBO for house rentals, 5% cashback at SeaWorld Parks!

Look at this! You can even earn cash back when you need to park your car at the airport or other long-term parking needs. 8% here at the Parking spot. Look at this! OMG 20% cashback through AirportParking.com. There’s even shuttle service, seriously, there’s so much here to go through I can’t possibly go through them all. Literally hundreds of choices to earn cash back for your travels. I’m doing my best to give you a brief but thorough overview, but you really need to sign up and look through all of the possibilities yourself and see which suppliers will be best for your travel needs.

Here’s 6% for City pass and lets not forget cruising! There’s 3.5% cashback from CruiseDirect.

There are so many hotels and chains to choose from. Some individual hotels like Holiday Inn gives 6% cash back. And look here. There’s hotel Indigo also 6% cash back! I love staying at Hotel Indigo when I’m in downtown Asheville. I’ve done a video on their property. How great is that to stay at an amazing property like Hotel Indigo and then getting 6% cash back from your stay. Bonus!

Then there’s Viator.com. I use them all the time not just for my clients, but I use them for me and my family for activities and excursions. Let’s take a peek to show you what they have to offer. First check to see what type of offers they have listed. It’s a good idea to look at the terms and conditions as well. There are some stipulations that tell you what situations may stop you from getting your cash back. Things like; if you use a staff or student discount code, or a promotional coupon code not approved by TopCashback, or when you cancel your purchase. Make sure you’re aware so you don’t miss out.

Let’s go back up and look at this offer that gives you 50% off things to do plus free cancellation and gives you 6% back on your activity purchase. as you see when you click on the offer it takes you to viators web-site. It’s important that you go to viators web-site by first going through TopCashback.com, becuase that is how they are able to link your purchase and track the cash back available to you. Just put in the city you want to go to as well as the dates. Let’s see what there is to do in costa rica. You can purcahse ziplining, horseback riding, tubing adventures, waterfall and volcano hikes, ATV through the rain forest, go on a catamaran cruise, go sailing or snorkeling . . . you can book all of your vacation adventures and earn cash back by purchasing through your TopCashback web-site! As I mentioned, I have used Viator a lot for my own travels as well as for my clients. Travel Agents and consultants use Viator all the time, so I can tell you 100% from experience that they are a great company to purchase your excursions and activities from.

Simply choose your activity, the dates and continue booking through the site as usual. As long as you’ve arrived at the Viator site via the TopCashback web-site first, you don’t have to do anything else. They take care of the rest for you. Your purchase is tracked. Once the supplier processes your purchase then it will show up in your account. When checking out make sure not to apply any unapproved coupon or discount codes book special rates or you may be disqualified from earning your cash back.

It can take up to a few days, even to a few months for some purchases to show as tracked in your account. Especially when it comes to travel. In the travel industry it is standard that no commissions are paid until travel has been completed. As a travel agent I’m used to that. When my clients travel I do not get my agent commissions until 2-3 months until after my clients have traveled. So, It did not surprise me at all to learn that is the same with travel suppliers and cash back sites. That is the way TopCash Back is able to give you cash back on your bookings. The travel supplier give TopCashBack comission for bookings that go through their web-site and TopCashback gives you 100% of that commission. 100%! That’s unheard of. Because of this they are able to consistently feature higher rates than their competitors. Usually cash back sites will take a cut of the commission, but TopCashback gives you the whole kit-n-caboodle. The hotels, cruise lines, car rentals, etc. need to make sure you travel without cancellation before the commission can be paid and your cash back can be processed.

When you shop with a store, like Walmart for example, the orders and cash back are processed quicker. For example my last purchase was a curling iron from Walmart. Although when I made the purchase it said to allow 7 days for the transaction to process into my account, it was actually processed much quicker, as in, it was processed by the end of that day, quicker.

If you have any questions regarding your account, they do have a customer service department. In my personal experience they have got back to me every time in less than 24 hours to answer my questions.

If you’re wondering how TopCashback makes any profit if they give their users 100% of the commission, I’m with you. I wondered the same thing. The way they are able to profit and pay their employees is through adverts and sponsored links which are clearly labled as “Zero Cash Back” If any members ever click on a sponsored link, then it goes to support their site. Merchants and their tracking agencies are also prepared to pay them bonuses for things like bringing high traffic volume to their site. All those things together support TopCashback to remain financially sound and able to give their users 100% of the travel commissions as cash back.

Another thing that makes TopCashback unique is that they do not have a minimum payout. Many Cash back sites have dollar amount minimums before they will allow you to get your payout. That is not the case with TopCash back. As soon as your payout has been processed and is available, you are able to claim that amount immediately.

A couple other tips to keep in mind that can be useful:

  • if you have adblock installed on your device, it may prevent TopCashback from being able to track your purchases. You’ll need to uninstall Adblock
  • Take screen shots of your purchases in case a purchase wasn’t able to be tracked
  • Be sure to read and understand the terms of service to make sure you’re not doing anything that will prevent you from earning your cash back
  • Pay for your purchase with a credit card that allows you to earn points or cash back for travel to maximize what you’re saving and/or earning.
  • Get an affiliate link so that you can tell friends about TopCashBack to earn even more.
  • Start browsing and shopping! Utilize this site. Let it work for you!

Thank you so much for joining in today! If you still need to sign-up, don’t forget to use the link in the description below so you can take advantage of the $10 sign-up bonus after you spend $25 at one of the retailers or travel suppliers through TopCashback

Let me know what you think of TopCashback. Are you going to sign up , or did you sign up to earn cash back on your online purchases? Are you already a member? I’d love to hear your experiences.

As I said, I’m new to the site, so I’m looking forward to coming back in the future to give you updates. Please keep in touch, leave a comment and I hope you become apart of the Happily 4 Evers After community by subscribing. I’m thankful for you!

Happy Travels!

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